Funding for International Collaboration

NOAH Connect secures Grant Funding for International Collaboration from Global Innovation Linkages Program for Client

Round 3 of the Global Innovation Linkages Program supports research and development projects that help to solve real world challenges and improve lives. Funding has recently been announced and we’re proud to say, our client is one of the successful applicants to have been awarded the grant, securing over $500,000 in Government Funding for their international collaboration to develop complementary preservatives for Australian meat products.

The Grant

The Global Innovation Linkages Program provides funding to help Australian businesses and researchers collaborate with global partners. The Department of industry, Science Energy and resources Program supports strategically focussed, leading-edge research and development. This Round of the Program was strategically focused on six areas: advanced manufacturing; food and agribusiness, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, mining technology and equipment; energy resources and; cyber security. To be eligible for the grant, a company must collaborate with an University/ Research Organisation and a International commercial partner. 10 collaborative projects will share in $8.5 million in funding to bring together the best and brightest minds from home and abroad to drive innovation and find solutions to complex problems.

The Outcome

NOAH Connect was able to secure $525,000 in funding for our client to work with a Spanish food additives manufacturer and researchers at the University of Tasmania to develop complementary preservatives for Australian meat products. This is a great win for our client as most other grant recipients were led and awarded to universities/ research institutions.

If you would like to discover more about your eligibility for an upcoming grant opening, feel free to connect with the NOAH Connect team. Applying for a government grant is a complex, time consuming and highly competitive process; we’re experienced in assessing eligibility criteria and will ensure you put forward the strongest application possible.


Round 2 Has Just Opened for the ‘Boosting Female Founders Initiative’ 

The Boosting Female Founders Initiative Round 2 has just opened up with a closing date of 22 April 2021! The Boosting Female Founders Initiative is just as it sounds – a grant initiative for female founders looking to scale their startups into domestic and global markets. So does your business qualify and, if yes, what’s involved in applying? Read below to see if you might be eligible and what could be available.  


First and foremost, to be eligible you must be: 

A female founded (majority owned and led by women) startup, that is:

A startup that is at least 51% owned and led by women (as per the Australian Business Register (ABR) and Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and/or organisational records).

You must also hold an ABN and be one of the following entities:

  • Incorporated in Australia
  • A partnership 
  • A sole trader

female founder


Grants between $25,000 and $400,000 are available, with grants up to $480,000 available if you meet special eligibility criteria. Grants will be given on a co-contribution basis with the grant amount being up to 50% of eligible project costs. Also available through the initiative is expert mentoring and advice – a fantastic offering for any business owner looking to expand. 

Assessment Criteria

(This is where working with a trusted consultant can make all the difference to your application.)

Expression of Interest

You first must apply via an Expression of Interest (EOI) (found online at

To be successful here, you must show how the grant will help your business expand into domestic and global markets, with an emphasis on how funding will remove barriers to your startup growth and how you are ready to take your product or service to market. 

Stage Two

If you are successful at the EOI stage, you will be invited to Stage Two where you must provide more detailed evidence of your capability, capacity and resources to scale your business. This includes producing polished documentation, such as:

  • evidence to support your source of funding
  • a pitch deck supporting your response to the assessment criteria
  • business financial documents 
  • a business plan
  • a trust deed (where applicable).


women in business

How We Can Help

At Noah Connect, we can help you with both stages of the Boosting Female Founders application. As a female founded and run company, we’re passionate about helping other female founders achieve their dreams for business expansion. We’ve also had 17 years of experience helping companies through the initial steps of grant selection, to application review, business documentation and beyond. If you’re interested in applying for the Boosting Female Founders application before 22 April 2021, contact our expert team today 










Grant Applications Are Now Open for 1.3bn Modern Manufacturing Initiative

In October 2020, the Australian Government assigned 1.3 billion dollars of funding to the Modern Manufacturing Initiative to help unlock private sector investment across three targeted streams. Below we outline a brief explanation of the MMI and its different streams, as well as exciting grant opportunities now available under the initiative. Interested in more information about this opportunity? Get in touch with the Noah Connect team, to discuss your business’s eligibility today.

What is the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI)?

Briefly, the MMI aims to help Australian manufacturers create jobs, scale-up, compete internationally by providing co‑investment through three targeted streams:

Funding Streams
  • Manufacturing Collaboration Stream (provides funding for very large projects that support business-to-business and business-to-research collaboration, to build economies of scale)
  • Manufacturing Translation Stream (helps manufacturers translate good ideas into commercial outcomes)
  • Manufacturing Integration Stream (helps manufacturers integrate into local and international supply chains and markets)
National Manufacturing Priorities 

All of these streams are designed for manufacturing projects that have broad sectoral benefits across six National Manufacturing Priorities, these include:

  1. Space – Currently open for applications. Applications close 22 March 2021 5PM AEDT
  2. Medical Products – Currently open for applications. Applications close 29 March 2021 5PM AEDT
  3. Resources Technology and Critical Minerals Processing – Currently open for applications. Applications close 1 April 2021 5PM AEDT
  4. Food and Beverage – Applications will open for this sector in the coming weeks.
  5. Recycling and Clean Energy – Applications will open for this sector in the coming weeks.
  6. Defence – Applications will open for this sector in the coming weeks.

Grant Opportunities

As you can see, the first round of MMI is already open, with space and medical products the first national manufacturing priorities to receive funding. Commonwealth funding can provide up to 50% of eligible project costs across all funding streams, with a minimum grant amount of $1 million and a maximum grant amount of $20 million. It’s expected that the average grant size will be about $4 million.

For the MMI’s ‘Translation and Integration Stream’, an initial combined total of approximately $140 million is available from 2020-21 to 2023-24 across all the National Manufacturing Priorities. Specifically, for the 2020-21 financial year – $40 million is available to support grant opportunities across all the National Manufacturing Priorities. It’s also anticipated that there will be $40 million in 2021-22, $40 million in 2022-23 and $20 million in 2023-24 available.


As you can see grant opportunities abound in the coming years for manufacturers within the R&D sector, and the opportunities are starting now! If you’d like more information on the process of R&D grant applications, please check out our blog ‘6 Musts For Grant Success In 2021‘. Alternatively, get in touch with our NOAH team of dedicated experts, we’re ready to help unleash your potential.














6 Musts For Grant Success In 2020

Australian Federal and State Governments offer more than 1,000 grants and funding programs each year targeting different sectors and different types of activities from ‘cleaner tech’ to ‘accelerating commercialisation’.  

While grants can be a game changer for your business the application process is often difficult and time consuming (to say the least). In this blog, we’ll discuss some government grants that might be of interest to you and outline six essential tips to help you succeed with your application in 2020. 

Common Federal Grants 

Below are three popular federal grants available. However, to find the grant or support program right for your business, answer four simple questions at’s ‘Grants & Programs’ page.

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant (AC Grant) 

Who it’s for: Australian businesses with a turnover of less than 20 million per year who have a novel product, process or service they want to commercialise.

What you get: Up to $250,000 matched project funding for Commercialisation Offices and Eligible Partner Entities; or up to $1 million for other applicants.

Export Marketing Development Grant (EMDG)

Who it’s for: Aspiring and current exporter businesses of small to medium size.

What you get: Reimbursement of up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $10,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $20,000. Eligible applicants may apply for up to eight grants.

Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF)

Who it’s for: Small to medium manufacturing enterprises that are investing in new manufacturing technologies and processes. The program supports technology and efficiency improvements as well as investment in more transformative technologies.   

What you get: Co-funding grants of between $50,000 and $1 million.

Six Steps To Grant Funding

Congratulations, you’ve researched and narrowed down your selections. Now follow these six steps to maximise the success of your application.

1. Identify A Grant Program That Matches Your Objectives

Every grant program has objectives that are tailored to a desired policy outcome. Once you’ve determined that your company or project meets the basic eligibility criteria, the next step is to ensure your project aligns with the program’s objectives.

Examine closely:

  • The strategic objectives of the department offering the grant e.g. the MMF grant is sector-specific and falls under the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC). The AMGC’s Sector Competitiveness Plan outlines the government’s strategic priorities for the sector – does your project align with these? 
  • Program statistics and previous grant recipients – research publicly available data on the number of grants awarded per round, average grant size, grants per sector and more. This will give you a practical guide to the types of projects the program intends to fund and its competitiveness.

This research will allow you to define the project in a way that is most sympathetic to the program’s objectives. Successful applicants in any program must demonstrate that they offer best value for money for the taxpayer’s dollar – push to show how your business will create jobs, improve Australia’s competitiveness or upskill workers. 

You can discover the projects successfully funded under the AC Grant here.

2. Map Out The Cut Off Dates

Grants often have strict deadlines and long assessment processes. There may also be multiple stages to the application process. 

Map out the cut-off dates as best as possible before starting the application process to understand a birds eye approach to the progression required. The timeframes must be carefully managed with your business needs, as in most cases, project costs incurred prior to the grant agreement or contract being signed will not be funded.

3. Get Financials & Records In Order

On a similar note, review the mandatory attachments to the application such as a business plan, detailed budget, financial statements and market research report. Feedback on applications will generally only be provided where the application is complete and all attachments are included, at least in draft form.

If you are successful, keep in mind you will also need to report on project progress against agreed milestones as per the funding agreement. 

4. Examine the merit criteria and understand the relative weighting/score

Using the AC grant as an example, businesses will need to demonstrate ‘need for funding’ before other criteria will be assessed. It’s a fine balancing act to demonstrate this need for funding and at the same time showcase that your business has funding planned from other sources to meet its contribution. 

5. Create A Comprehensive Business Plan

Expect to spend time meeting with program delegates and revising your application based on their feedback. Have in place good business governance processes such as a comprehensive business plan, strong financial reports and detailed budgets. This will give your case managers confidence in your business. Use your business plan to show how you will implement the grant successfully in the future of your business. 

6. Seek Professional Advice

Applying for a government grant is a complex, time consuming and highly competitive process. Seek out a professional advisor for help in assessing eligibility criteria and to ensure you put forward the strongest application possible.  

Excited to explore your future business goals? For professional assistance, contact the Noah Connect team. We’ll support you from the initial steps of grant selection all the way through to funding and beyond. Discover more about our services over at our ‘Grant & Funding Programs’ page.