NOAH Connect secures Grant Funding for International Collaboration from Global Innovation Linkages Program for Client

Round 3 of the Global Innovation Linkages Program supports research and development projects that help to solve real world challenges and improve lives. Funding has recently been announced and we’re proud to say, our client is one of the successful applicants to have been awarded the grant, securing over $500,000 in Government Funding for their international collaboration to develop complementary preservatives for Australian meat products.

The Grant

The Global Innovation Linkages Program provides funding to help Australian businesses and researchers collaborate with global partners. The Department of industry, Science Energy and resources Program supports strategically focused, leading-edge research and development. This Round of the Program was strategically focused on six areas: advanced manufacturing; food and agribusiness, medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, mining technology and equipment; energy resources and; cyber security. To be eligible for the grant, a company must collaborate with an University/ Research Organisation and a International commercial partner. 10 collaborative projects will share in $8.5 million in funding to bring together the best and brightest minds from home and abroad to drive innovation and find solutions to complex problems.

The Outcome

NOAH Connect was able to secure $525,000 in funding for our client to work with a Spanish food additives manufacturer and researchers at the University of Tasmania to develop complementary preservatives for Australian meat products. This is a great win for our client as most other grant recipients were led and awarded to universities/ research institutions.

If you would like to discover more about your eligibility for an upcoming grant opening, feel free to connect with the NOAH Connect team. Applying for a government grant is a complex, time consuming and highly competitive process; we’re experienced in assessing eligibility criteria and will ensure you put forward the strongest application possible.