Unleashing Green Innovation: The Go-Green Co-Innovation Program

In the pursuit of a sustainable future, collaboration is key. That’s precisely what the Go-Green Co-Innovation Program (GGCIP) is all about. GGCIP, established under the Singapore-Australia Green Economy Agreement (GEA), serves as a catalyst for joint ventures between Australian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and Singaporean businesses. It supports projects aimed at decarbonizing economic activities and advancing the journey to net zero emissions in both nations. We delve into the details of GGCIP, its objectives, eligibility criteria, and how it can propel your green innovation endeavours.

Applications for the Go-Green Co-Innovation Program are open now until 4 December 2023.

The Go-Green Co-Innovation Program

Objectives of the program:

The GGCIP’s intended outcomes are for Australian SMEs and Singaporean enterprises to:

    • jointly develop commercially viable, new or improved products and services across priority green sectors.
    • establish or expand partnerships across green sectors, that share knowledge on decarbonising business operations and innovations that contribute to emissions reductions.
    • share knowledge across green sectors for Singapore, Australia and regional economies that increases market awareness.

To be eligible for the GGCIP you must:

    • have an Australian business number (ABN)
    • be a permanent resident of Australia or Australian citizen
    • be an SME, a sole trader, company (employing less than 200 people)
    • partner with an independent Singapore registered business

Project Scope:

Projects under GGCIP are all about innovation. Projects should focus on developing green products, services, or technologies across a range of sectors, including renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, infrastructure, and more. The key is to create solutions that align with the broader GEA initiatives and priorities. Eligible activities may include product/service strategy validation, technology development, or small volume production / prototyping / minimum viable product (MVP).

Assessment Criteria:

To secure funding, your project must align with GGCIP objectives and outcomes, emphasizing the importance of Australian-Singaporean partnerships. The impact of grant funding on your project and future business development goals also plays a crucial role in evaluation.


Funding under GGCIP is generous, ranging from AU$150,000 to AU$500,000, depending on the project’s scope and complexity. Eligible Australian SMEs may receive up to 50% reimbursement of eligible costs, while Singaporean SMEs may receive up to 70%. Non-SMEs in Singapore are also eligible for a 50% reimbursement, without a maximum cap.


Using Other Grants: You cannot use funding from other Commonwealth sources to fund your share of eligible expenditure. State or local government funding may be considered for co-contributions.

Projects in Progress: GGCIP supports new projects, however they can involve existing products or technologies used in innovative ways. For example, testing the shelf life of an environmentally friendly packaging product from Australia, in the tropical, Singaporean climate.

Eligible Expenditure: Labor expenses, consumables, equipment, travel costs (up to 10% of the grant), and external specialist services are among the eligible expenditures.

Priority sectors for the GGCIP:

    • Renewable and clean energy
    • Sustainable agribusiness and food
    • Built environment and infrastructure
    • Advanced manufacturing and sustainable materials
    • Waste management and the circular economy
    • Green transportation and logistics
    • Energy efficient technology and products
    • Environmental monitoring analysis and assessment.
    • Emerging green sector innovative products or services that align with the broader GEA initiatives and priorities.

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