The Australian Federal Government recently announced a new grant opportunity under its Carbon Capture Technologies Program (CCTP) to support organisations undertaking projects that advance carbon capture and carbon dioxide utilisation technologies. This post covers key details potential applicants should know about the CCTP grant, including background, aims, funding amount, eligibility criteria, suitable project activities, and application details.

Overview of the Carbon Capture Technologies Program

The CCTP provides funding to accelerate research, development and demonstration of emerging carbon capture and carbon utilisation technologies to help Australia achieve its ambitious climate action targets.

Specifically, the objectives of the CCTP grant program are to:

    • Drive further R&D of novel or new and emerging CO2 capture and CO2 utilisation technologies to broaden applications and address wider industrial emissions
    • Support technological and commercial readiness of carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) in hard-to-abate sectors like cement, chemicals, and steel
    • Demonstrate verifiable permanence of CO2 sequestered via utilisation pathways
    • Develop Australia’s global CCUS capabilities

A total funding pool of $65 million AUD is available over eight years from 2023-2024 to 2030-2031. Applicants can obtain CCTP grants between $1 million and $15 million, with funding up to 75% of eligible project costs.

The CCTP represents a significant opportunity for Australian organisations to access substantial backing for impactful carbon capture and emissions reduction research and technology projects.

Key Details on the CCTP Grant Opportunity

Two-Stage Application Process

CCTP grant applications involve a competitive two-stage process:

Stage 1 – Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by 31 October 2023

Stage 2 – If shortlisted from Stage 1, submit a full application by 9 April 2024

Eligible Organisations

To be eligible, applicants must be one of the following types of organisations:

    • An entity incorporated in Australia
    • An Australian State/Territory government agency
    • A Commonwealth Corporate entity
    • An incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust (if trading activities are substantial)

Individuals or partnerships cannot apply. Universities and research institutions can apply if they meet the above eligibility criteria.

Eligible Project Activities and Expenditure

CCTP grant funding can support:

    • Design, construction, testing, R&D of CO2 capture and utilisation prototypes or pilots
    • Transforming CO2 into new or alternative products
    • Process engineering and feasibility studies
    • Testing and optimisation of components and systems
    • Integrating pilots into real operational settings or partnerships

Other Key Grant Requirements

To be eligible, proposed projects must also:

    • Be located in Australia
    • Aim to reduce Australia’s emissions
    • Have minimum $1.33 million in eligible spending
    • Not be solely a feasibility study
    • Be completed by 30 March 2031

As mentioned above, the CCTP will provide grants between $1-15 million, up to a maximum of 75% of total project costs. Applicants must also provide minimum 25% of costs.

Assessing CCTP Grant Applications

CCTP applications are assessed based on three core criteria:

  1. Alignment with Program Objectives (50% weighting)

The first criteria focuses on how well your proposed project aligns with the CCTP objectives of advancing carbon capture technologies and emissions reduction. Make a strong case for how your project fits.

  1. Capacity, Capability and Resources (30% weighting)

Next, you must demonstrate your team and organisation have the technical expertise, resources, skills, and management capability to successfully execute the proposed project activities. Share details on personnel, facilities, and other capabilities.

  1. Impact of Grant Funding on Project (20% weighting)

Finally, describe how the CCTP grant would be transformative in helping your project succeed, versus what could be achieved without it. Quantify the scope, scale or acceleration possible.

How can NOAH Connect help?

Preparing a convincing CCTP application with sound budgeting, eligibility compliance, and strong supporting evidence is complex. Our team at NOAH Connect can guide you through the process to give your application the greatest chance of success.

We stay on top of all grant updates and requirements so your organisation can stay focused on the project itself rather than getting bogged down in administrative details. We’re ready to develop an outstanding application tailored to the program’s objectives and key assessment factors.

For more information on the CCTP grant opportunity, visit Then get in touch to discuss your project ideas and CCTP grant strategy.

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