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At NOAH Connect, we are passionate about helping businesses secure government funding. However, we also recognise that there are numerous local organisations, charities, and individuals who genuinely deserve support but lack the resources and expertise to navigate the grant application process. This is why we have recently embarked on a pro bono initiative to support local community organisations.We are delighted to contribute our knowledge to make a positive impact. Our expertise in obtaining R&D tax incentives and state and federal grants allows us to offer valuable insights and support towards community grant applications seeking funding for social causes, arts and cultural endeavours, environmental conservation, sporting events and facilities, and more.

Key Takeaways for Applying for Community Grants

  • Be mindful of grant deadlines, which are non-negotiable. Successful applications may have requirements as to when the project must be executed and completed so be realistic in your ability to meet these objectives if selected.
  • Thoroughly read the grant guidelines and understand the objectives and purpose of the grant you’re applying for. Different grants are designed to fund specific types of activities, so it’s important to align your support request accordingly.
  • Contact the grant provider in advance if you have any questions not addressed in the guidelines, such as eligibility criteria. For instance, you can reach out to the council to confirm if they accept applications from all entities, e.g. registered businesses, non-profit organizations and individual advocates.
  • Focus on demonstrating how your project aligns with the grant guidelines and showcase its potential for long-term impact beyond the funding period.

Example: Let’s say there is a grant available for environmental sustainability projects in the local community. A local organisation focused on promoting renewable energy sources could apply for this grant to install solar panels on community buildings. In their application, they would need to highlight how this project aligns with the grant’s objective of reducing carbon emissions, while also emphasising the long-term impact of generating clean energy for years to come. By showcasing the alignment with the grant’s objectives and the lasting benefits beyond the funding period, the organisation can strengthen their case for securing the grant.

  • Be prepared to provide organisational plans, such as child protection policies or COVID-19 safety measures, depending on your organisation’s nature.
  • Understand which activities are typically not supported, such as profit-making endeavours or applications solely seeking funds for prize money or general fundraising appeals.
  • Include letters from local vendors expressing their support for the event or project to help demonstrate community collaboration and the potential economic impact.
  • Maintain a well-structured budget that adheres to the guidelines and keep track of all spending with receipts.
  • Familiarise yourself with all the necessary documents, policies, guidelines, and budget templates provided.
  • Don’t be discouraged by rejection. Community grants are highly competitive. Learn from each application and refine your approach for future opportunities.

Where to Find Information on Upcoming Community Opportunities

A good starting point is your local council’s webpage. They often provide information on grants and funding opportunities available within your local government area.

Here are some other great websites to help you stay up to date with community grant opportunities:

At NOAH Connect, we are committed to empowering local communities and providing them with the resources and expertise needed to secure community grants. Reach out to us here if you would like to discuss our pro bono community grant services.To read further about how to improve your chances for grant success, click here.

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