Michelle Ansen

Senior Consultant

Prior to becoming an R&D Tax Consultant, Michelle spent her undergraduate, postgraduate and post-doctoral years honing her skills as a Research Scientist in various departments within the University of Sydney.

Michelle was first awarded a BSc (Hons), majoring in Molecular Biology and Genetics. She then worked as a Research Assistant and also conducted her PhD in the Hormones & Cancer Group at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research located at Royal North Shore Hospital. During Michelle’s PhD, she developed a method using a cutting-edge technique called RNA interference to study an endocrine protein known to be involved in cell and cancer growth, with a particular focus on its role in breast cancer.

Michelle’s post-doctorate was undertaken at the Centenary Institute in the Gene & Stem Cell Therapy Group where she worked on two separate projects: the development of a targeted therapy for prostate cancer using stem cells, and also characterisation of proteins found to be essential for embryonic and haemopoietic stem cell development.

Michelle swapped her lab coat for R&D Tax legislation almost five years ago and with her extensive scientific background knowledge, she specialises in R&D claims for agrichemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies.