Grant & Funding Programs

We'll help match you with the grant program that best suits your business needs

Grant & Funding Programs

Spoilt for Choice

There are a range of grant and funding programs at both the Federal and State Government level that support the research and development and end-product commercialisation aspirations of start-ups and more mature businesses. Some of these are industry-specific (e.g. grants provided by Food Innovation Australia Ltd) while others have more agnostic charters (i.e. Accelerating Commercialisation funding). In all cases, however, there is a bureaucracy to be navigated and an application to be crafted that needs to address a set of merit criteria. Competition for funds is fierce and those that choose to go it alone in this environment often fall by the wayside.

NOAH has a good understanding of this funding landscape. We can help match a potential applicant with the grant program that best suits the needs of the business at a particular point in time and quickly assess eligibility by asking a few simple questions. We can then liaise with the bureaucrats so that the application process is expedited and we are expert at preparing applications that tick all the merit criteria boxes.

If at any point of time during this process we feel for whatever reason that we are not best placed to meet your needs, we can refer you to one or other of the trusted expert advisors in our network.  So if you are seeking grant monies or other funding for the development of a new or improved product or process or seeking to commercialise an already developed product or process, why not give us a call?