Made in Victoria: Up to $750K Available for Energy Tech Manufacturing in Victoria

The transition to renewable energy and net zero emissions is accelerating rapidly. This global shift presents major opportunities for Victorian manufacturers to capitalise on growing demand for components and products that support renewable energy generation, storage, transmission and zero emissions transportation.

To help local manufacturers expand capabilities and scale up renewable energy manufacturing, the Victorian Government has established the Made in Victoria – Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program. This offers substantial matched grant funding for impactful projects that develop sovereign capabilities, create jobs, and supply inputs for the new energy economy.

Key Details of the Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program

    • Grant amounts from $100k to $750k available
    • Requires minimum 3:1 cash co-contribution by the applicant
    • Open to manufacturers with an existing Victorian presence
    • Project length up to 12 months from grant execution
    • Applications close 13 December 2023

Overview of the Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program

The Made in Victoria – Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program provides grants from $100,000 up to $750,000 to assist Victorian manufacturers adopt new technologies and expand operations to supply components for renewable energy and low emissions.

Administered by the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, the program is an initiative under the Victoria’s Climate Change Strategy to support local industry actively contribute to achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Specifically, the aims of the program are to:

  • Increase local manufacturing capabilities and capacity to produce renewable energy and low emissions products
  • Support adoption of advanced and digital manufacturing technologies
  • Stimulate creation of skilled jobs and workforce upskilling
  • Develop resilient sovereign manufacturing capabilities
  • Supply chain inputs for renewable energy generation, storage, transmission and transportation

The program provides an excellent opportunity for manufacturers to access substantial funding for strategic projects generating growth, competitiveness, and public benefits.

Eligible Applicants

The Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program has specific eligibility criteria for applicants. Eligible entities include:

  • Companies incorporated under the Corporations Act 2001
  • Trustees applying on behalf of a Trust
  • Partnerships

To qualify, applicants must:

  • Hold a valid ABN
  • Be registered for WorkCover insurance in Victoria
  • Participate in renewable energy manufacturing supply chains
  • Demonstrate capacity to provide minimum 3:1 cash co-contribution
  • Commit to undertaking activities within Victoria

Ineligible entities include government bodies, research institutions, non-profits, industry associations, and individuals.

Expenditures Eligible for Grant Funding

The program will fund a range of direct expenditures involved in expanding renewable energy manufacturing capacity.

Examples of eligible costs include:

  • New capital equipment, machinery, tools and technology
  • Software, digitization and automation systems
  • Minor facilities modification required for new equipment installation
  • Engineering, logistics, and project management contractors
  • Accreditation and skill training in new technologies
  • Transportation of new equipment from suppliers

Key conditions around eligible expenditures:

  • Must be incurred within 12 months of grant execution
  • Cannot include normal operating overheads and salaries
  • Must be exclusive of GST
  • Requires supporting supplier quotations and estimates

Applicants should clearly demonstrate the relationship between budgeted items and expanded manufacturing capabilities.

Project Criteria for Eligible Funding

In addition to applicant eligibility, the program outlines key criteria for projects to qualify for funding:

Eligible project activities

  • Acquiring capital equipment such as machinery, tools, and technology
  • Adopting new manufacturing processes and digital capabilities
  • Improving and testing new renewable energy products
  • Supply chain development initiatives
  • Associated facilities modification and training

Ineligible project activities

  • Routine replacement of existing assets
  • Marketing, sales, and promotional costs
  • Research and development
  • Interstate focused initiatives
  • Onsite emissions reduction activities only

Project outcomes

Funded projects must demonstrate:

  • Expanded renewable energy manufacturing capabilities
  • Creation of skilled manufacturing jobs and pathways

Co-Contribution Requirements

The Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program adopts a matched funding model. Applicants must contribute a minimum cash co-investment equal to 300% of the grant amount.

For example, for a $300,000 grant, a minimum $900,000 cash contribution is required.

The co-contribution demonstrates commitment and must be spent on eligible activities only. Sources of co-contribution may include:

  • Cash reserves
  • New equity injections
  • Debt financing

Expenditures Eligible for Grant Funding

The program will fund a range of direct expenditures involved in expanding renewable energy manufacturing capacity.

Market demand (20%)

  • Clear market needs and demand for project outputs
  • Offtake agreements, orders, or contracts provided
  • Compelling market analysis and commercialisation plans

Need for funding (15%)

  • Government support clearly catalyses additionality and strategic outcomes
  • Case for why grant funding is critical to project viability and success

Ability to deliver (15%)

  • Demonstrated capacity to execute within 12 months
  • Key technical capabilities and partnerships established
  • Robust project plan and risk management strategies

Renewable manufacturing impact (40%)

  • Expanded manufacturing capabilities to supply growing renewable energy markets
  • Enhanced sovereign capabilities in priority technologies
  • Increased resilience against supply chain disruptions

Job creation and skills development (10%)

  • Number of skilled local jobs created and sustained
  • Workforce transitions into higher value roles
  • More secure employment pathways developed

Navigating the Application Process with NOAH Connect

Preparing a competitive Made In Victoria grant application with robust documentation requires expertise and experience.

NOAH Connect offers end-to-end support for manufacturers looking to strengthen their applications and maximise their chance of success.

Our assistance includes:

  • Assessing project suitability for the program
  • Drafting grant application content
  • Assisting with the preparation of supporting documentation
  • Grant process guidance and submission

If you are considering applying for a Made in Victoria – Energy Technologies Manufacturing Program application, leverage our extensive expertise to put your best foot forward. Contact us today for an obligation-free discussion about securing funding for your growth project.