Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme – Part 2 (R&D Tax)

Research Connections (commenced 1 September 2014)

The objective of Research Connections, the second element of the Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme, is to foster collaboration between businesses and the research sector for the purpose of commercial gain. The programme will provide eligible businesses with a ‘Facilitator’, tasked with identifying any ‘knowledge-related issues and/or opportunities’ within the business. In a nutshell, this element is looking to identify any business ideas with commercial potential that need research to develop them, to identify any knowledge gaps that are holding the growth of the business back and to facilitate businesses’ access to the research sector and other sources of relevant expertise.

The Entrepreneurs’ Infrastructure Programme aims to achieve this through:

1. A ‘Business Research Needs Assessment’, followed by

2. One-on-One access to a Facilitator who will:

o    Identify knowledge/related issues and/or opportunities

o    Identify critical research areas in need of improvement

o    Identify research opportunities into new or existing markets

o    Provide connection to relevant sources of expertise, knowledge and advice

o    Accommodate collaboration with the research sector

3. A ‘matched funding’ grant is also available for up to $50,000 over 12 months. This reimbursed funding must be applied for and only be used to:

–       Engage a ‘Publicly Funded Research Organisation’ to undertake research activities for the business

–       Engage a ‘Researcher’ to develop a new idea that holds commercial potential

–       Access research infrastructure

–       Access anything else that may be determined the ‘Business Research Needs Assessment’


i)     The total cost of the Research Connections project must be funded by the business before claiming the Grant.

ii)   The business must demonstrate that they were unable to access funding from other means i.e. state governments, other schemes

iii)  The project must be of ‘commercial relevance’ to the business and must be directly related to outcomes resulting from ‘Facilitator’ access


To be eligible to access the services offered under the Research Connections stream, businesses must:

–       Be a registered business/corporation

–       Be registered for GST

–       Not be tax-exempt

–       Have operated in Australia and filed business activity statements for at least 3 years

–       Be financially solvent

–       Have an annual turnover or operating expenditure thresholds between $1.5 million – $100 million

–       Be operating in the following industries: Advanced Manufacturing; Food and Agribusiness; Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals; Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; Oil, Gas and Energy Resources; or Enabling Technologies of these sectors, or demonstrate the business has the ability to operate in one of these industries in the future.


Talk to us to understand your eligibility further. 

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