Empowering Queensland Manufacturing: Made in Queensland Round 6

Queensland’s manufacturing sector is a major driver of innovation, exports and jobs. To accelerate its growth, the Queensland Government has opened applications for Round 6 of the highly successful Made in Queensland (MIQ) grant program.

Up to $50 million in funding is available to help manufacturers adopt advanced technologies and processes that lift productivity and competitiveness.

Applications close on the 11th December 2023; if your business has been looking to transform capabilities, now is the time to act.

What the Made in Queensland Grant Offers

The MIQ program provides matched dollar-for-dollar funding for projects that help manufacturers integrate industry leading technologies to unlock productivity and growth.

    • Up to 50% of eligible project costs are covered through non-repayable MIQ grants valued between $50,000 to $2.5 million.
    • Funding can be used for:
      • Advanced robotics, automation equipment, sensors, digitisation, simulation, augmented reality, and other Industry 4.0/5.0 solutions
      • Enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution systems, AI/data analytics, and other advanced software platforms
      • Advanced materials, processes, and systems that provide a competitive edge
      • Decarbonisation initiatives and sustainable manufacturing solutions
      • Associated costs like software, training, freight, and cybersecurity

Who is Eligible to Apply?

To receive MIQ funding, applicants must meet key eligibility criteria, including:

    • Being a Queensland-based manufacturing SME with 5-200 employees, with the majority employed in Queensland
    • Having a registered ABN and operating a business with turnover derived mainly from manufacturing activities
    • Operating as an independent entity with control over decision making and corporate governance
    • Ability to fund at least 50% of the proposed project’s costs and not be insolvent
    • Owning the existing equipment used in operations and taking ownership of any new equipment purchased

Manufacturers that have received MIQ funding previously can still apply again for new projects in Round 6. The total combined funding remains capped at $2.5 million per entity.

What Projects are Eligible for Funding?

Proposed projects must align with the program’s objectives around boosting productivity, jobs growth, and international competitiveness.

Eligible projects must be for one or both of the following industry leading activities:

    • implementing advanced robotics and/or Industry 4.0 and/or 5.0 equipment, that demonstrates it will enable the applicant’s products/processes and markets to be different from those of its Queensland manufacturing competitors
    • implementing a sector-relevant technology, system or process

This includes projects like:

    • Installation of automated and robotic systems that integrate with production flows
    • Adoption of augmented reality to assist operators and provide digital work instructions
    • Applying big data analytics and AI to drive insights from operations
    • Introduction of smart sensors and internet-of-things connectivity across the facility
    • Deploying carbon monitoring tools to map energy usage and emissions
    • Implementing ERP, MES and other advanced manufacturing software platforms
    • Development of new decarbonisation or energy efficiency plans

Pure research activities are excluded. Projects must be focused on integration with existing manufacturing operations.

Funded equipment cannot duplicate existing items. Investments must increase capabilities. Project outcomes must be measurable through metrics like increased productivity, exports and jobs.

Projects are expected to be completed within a 12 month timeframe once the funding agreement is executed.

How Does the Application and Assessment Process Work?

The MIQ grant process involves a competitive 2-stage application:

Stage 1 focuses on assessing eligibility and project details. Applicants need to complete the online application form and provide:

    • Company details and financials
    • Project objectives, description, costs breakdown and funding amount requested
    • Information on how the project will transform productivity and competitiveness
    • Expected triple bottom line outcomes – economic, employment, sustainability
    • Project feasibility and risk management plans

Applications are scored against assessment criteria including the project’s strategic value, jobs impact, industry leadership, and broader benefits.

The top-ranked Stage 1 submissions are invited to Stage 2.

Stage 2 requires providing more detailed business and project financials, delivery approach, and value for money justification.

An assessment panel reviews Stage 2 submissions, undertakes due diligence, and recommends top-ranking projects for funding approval.

Applicants are notified of outcomes within 4-6 months from project commencement. Successful applicants then enter into a funding agreement before starting their project.

Navigating the Application Process with NOAH Connect

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